Advanced Programming Capabilities
...provided through the Sawtooth SSI-Web software platform, PERL scripts, smart lists, complex skip logic, multimedia, interactive controls and other game-like features enable FMR Survey to deliver customizable online surveys that enhance the respondent experience and positively reinforce client brands.

Multilanguage Surveys with
World-wide Reach

We can program your questionnaire in any language in order to maximize global respondent reach. Relationships with language translators and multinational panel providers allow us to deliver a world-wider response to your surveys.

Advanced Market Research Surveys
… such as MaxDiff, GAP Analysis, Conjoint Analysis and others are commonly programmed and hosted on our Internet Cloud Server. Whether your survey is short or long (5,096 questions is our record, so far!) and requires simple or complex logic, our 11 years of experience programming surveys for the web medium will benefit you. We consistently deliver high quality, quick turn around time, value-priced online survey programming and hosting.

Sample Plan Support
… is something you can count of from us. Sometimes the plan is to maximize volume while other times require detailed quotas for each of the population’s key demographics. We often define the variables – such as ‘age group by county area’ and several others – in order to enforce the correct percentage of respondents for each of the most important demographic characteristics. Using census and other databases, we research the population numbers, then program quotas to ensure the survey response is from the right population and in the correct proportions.

Custom Domain Names
Very often, to maximize a survey’s response, we purchase domain names on our client’s behalf. Meaningful study names can be used in promotional activities to maximize a survey’s response with the target audience.

The Future of Online Surveys
FMR Survey is constantly developing new ways to make the online survey experience more enjoyable for participants and more valuable for clients. Capabilities like multi-media (graphics, video, sound) integration and slider input controls. We are also working on next generation surveys which will more fully take advantage of the web medium. Future capabilities will include virtual world, video game-like immersions that are engaging and enjoyable for respondents. Let us know if you would like to explore these capabilities for one of your projects.

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Expertise and Experience for Success in the Online Medium

Since 2001, FMR Survey has successfully programmed and hosted hundreds of online surveys for clients. During these first 11 years we’ve developed a strong sense of how to best optimize surveys for the online medium. Our experience allows clients to focus on their client’s needs while we, behind the scenes, implement their online survey for them. Our focus is on quick turn-around, high quality survey programming, hosting and fielding for professional services firms that incorporate market & pubic opinion research into their service. Depending on the client and the specific project needs, we can provide just a little or quite a lot of value add to the final deliverable. We can (and often do) develop and implement quotas for sample plans, optimize questionnaires for the online medium, translate surveys into one or more foreign languages, contract & manage panel providers to ensure quotas are met, contract & provide cross-tab tables, provide analysis, code open-ended responses and develop presentations. This breadth of capabilities, customized on a project by project basis, allows our clients (including market & public opinion researchers, branding, marketing, housing developers, economic analysis and other professional service firms) to focus more time on their client’s needs, while we implement high-quality, professional surveys that make them and their clients look good.